Windows 7 Upgrades

Windows 7 Upgrades

To upgrade a PC to Windows 7 costs £45 plus the cost of the Windows 7 licence. A single PC Windows 7 upgrade licence is around £90, a three PC licence is around £110

Why Upgrade?
- The length of time it takes from pressing the power button to using the computer is been reduced.
- Sharing of files and printers across a number of computers is simpler.
- Programs like Calculator, Paint and Wordpad have new versions.
- Problem steps recorder allows you to record what you have done on the computer. The recording can then be emailed to make finding problems easier.
- Comprehensive backup and restore program for keeping you photos and documents safe.
- Easier to find programs or files on your computer.
- The new Windows 7 interface is easier to use than previous versions.

For a full comparison of the differences between Windows 7 and XP or Vista click Here

What do we do?
We check to make sure that the computers you want to upgrade will run Windows 7. Next we pick up your PC, if you are upgrading more than one computer we are happy to do them one at a time.

If any hardware upgrades were identified as being needed when we checked to see if the computer will run Windows 7, we install them and check that they work with the existing version of Windows.

We look at what software has been installed on the computer and ask for the disks for licensed products like Microsoft Office.

Before installing Windows 7 we make a backup of the hard disk in case an error occures during the upgrade. Once we have the backup we wipe the disk and perform a fresh installation of Windows 7. We install the programs that need to be installed and copy back your documents and settings that were backed up.

We then deliver the PC back to your home, plug it in and make sure that your printer, scanner, etc, are all working.

Purchase Licence
To buy a Windows 7 licence from Amazon click on one either the single user or three user link below:
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Upgrade Edition for XP or Vista users (PC DVD), 1 User
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade Family Pack for XP or Vista users, 3 User Licence (PC DVD) *(3 copies per customer limit)