New Computer Configuration

Before you buy a new computer

Our advice is free if you buy your new computer through us and we configure it for you

We can discuss the types of programs you are wanting to use on your new computer and whether you need a new screen, printer, cordless keyboard, etc. We can also set a budget for your new computer
The computers that we supply are always branded from a major manufacturer and come with a minimum one year hardware warranty from the manufacturer.
Your new PC is delivered to us, we remove it from the box and check it is working, if it arrives with a fault we sort that out before it is delivered to you

Configuration and Installation

This costs £30 if no files and settings copied are over from an old computer, or £45 if files and settings need to be transferred

We collect your new PC from you (and also your old one if we are transferring files and settings)
Install anti-virus and anti-spyware
Make sure all Windows updates have been installed
Make sure all Microsoft updates have been installed
Make sure all other programs are up to date
Install licensed programs as required
Set up user accounts and passwords as required
Copy across user files from the old PC to the new one (if you have asked us to)
Create recovery media DVD if your PC does not come with one
Return the computer
Check internet and printers are working
Check the internet connection is secure

Old Computer Disposal

Old computers have a lot of personal information stored on their hard disks and should be securely wiped before they are taken to the tip to be recycled.

If you are going to take you old computer to the tip we can let you have a program which will wipe your old computers drives before it goes to the tip

Old Computer Reuse

If your old computer is going to go to be used by some else, perhaps in your family, it is best to wipe it then reinstall Windows. This costs £30

Wipe the the hard disk
Install the same version of Windows that was on the computer
Install the anti-virus and anti-spyware products you use
Install all the required Windows updates
Install any other software that you have and licensed to be installed on the computer
Return and connect the computer
Install drivers for any other hardware that was connected to the computer
Check internet and printers are working
Check the internet connection is secure