Laptop Motherboard Repair

Laptop Motherboard Repair

We charge a fixed fee of £99+VAT (£118.80 including VAT) for all mother board repairs. Repairs have a three month warranty

All motherboard repairs we include a level 1 PC Health Check.

We pick the laptop up from you and check it to confirm that the fault is being caused by the motherboard rather than another component in the laptop. If it is not the motherboard we will let you know the cost of replacing the faulty item.

Once the motherboard has been fixed (which takes about a week) we return the laptop to you.

We are able to repair broken DC jacks, replace power and controller integrated circuits. Rework, reflow and rebail northbridge/southbridge/graphic chips as required.

Motherboard faults include:
- Laptop battery will not charge
- Wobbly DC Jack Power Connector
- Intermittent Battery charging even after changing battery and power supply
- When the power supply is moved laptop turns off
- The charging light may not illuminate
- A burning smell coming from the DC Jack
- Turns off after a while
- Laptop will not turn on
- Laptop beeps a number of times then nothing is shown on the screen