Internet Troubleshooting

Internet Troubleshooting

This costs £30 plus the cost of any parts needed. If a second visit is needed, for example your router has been replaced under a warranty, we charge £15 to configure replacement router

What do we check?
First we connect our laptop to your router to check to see if the problem is related to your computer or your internet connection. If it is your computer we perform some basic checks to identify why it is not working with the router. If the problems is related to a virus or spyware then we would recommend a PC Health Check on the computer.

If the problem is with your internet connection we connect a router that we know is working, into your master phone socket to show if the fault is with your internet provider or with your router, if our router does not work we will call your service provider to solve the problem.

If our router works and yours will not connect, the router has a fault. We update the firmware on your router and perform a full reset. If this does solve the problem and it is still under warranty then we will organise returning it to the manufacturer or your internet provider. We leave a loan router so you are able to access the internet as it might take a week or two for the replacement router to arrive. When you receive the replacement we will swap it over with our loan unit and configure it for you. If your router is not in warranty we can supply and configure a replacement during the visit

If we prove the problem is not with the router or your service provider we check that all devices plugged into the phone line have working micro filters.

Some master phone sockets will benefit from having an i-Plate, these can improve speed and reliability of your broad band connection. We always recommend fitting one of these if you have a compatible master socket, at a cost of £10