Internet Setup

Internet Setup

This costs £30 plus the cost of any parts needed. If a second visit is needed, for example the router from your service provider is faulty, we charge £15 for a return visit when its replacement arrives.

What do we do?
First we connect and configure your router that has been supplied by your internet service provider (ISP) making sure that the wireless connection is secure and only you have access to it. We find that in 15% of internet setups a phone call to your provider is needed to solve setup problems. If there is a problem we can connect a router and laptop that we know is working to identify where the problem is.

We make sure that micro filters are connected and can install an i-Plate if one is needed, these can improve speed and reliability of your broadband connection.

Any PC's, laptops, games consoles and smart phones that you have are configured and connected to the router. We carry spare network adaptors for desktops and laptops to use if they are needed.

We check that any computers we connect have appropriate anti-virus software installed.

If you have a printer we also make sure that it is also shared on your network.